Solas ~Body, Mind, Spirit~

Among these pages, you will find the information about the services I offer, upcoming events and workshops and how you can contact me. 

My journey has led me to the opportunity to train and work with many amazing people. And my heart has continued to guide and lead me on this journey to bring healing, compassion and care to those who need it most.

As I continue this journey, my vision is to promote holistic healing, use my knowledge to assist others on their path and follow an inner calling. I continue on my path using the wisdom I gain from the universe, my clients and the people I encounter every day.

For any client who cannot afford a session (and could benefit from the services I offer), I would like to offer "karma payment" to you.  Please email me directly for details if you are interested in karma payment. 

When you do good, good will come to you.

I am always happy to assist my clients at my home, a place of positive, uplifting energy and happiness.  While relaxing in a beautiful open space,  you will enjoy the silence and serenity of a calming, peaceful environment with privacy and professionalism. For those who cannot come to me in person, I am available for house calls.

I am always happy to answer your questions or book an appointment.  You can reach me at 519.801.5780 or by email at 

You can also find me social networking...just click on the "link" tab to connect with me via Facebook.




In healing light,